Silt fences
You may have heard about silt fences, filter fences, straw bale or brush fences. These types of fences represent types of sediment barriers which offer erosion protection during a construction. They are temporary structures which prevent the flow ... 
Decorative fence types for your garden
Fences are mainly used for security or other practical purposes, but they are also a great way of enhancing the beauty of a yard or garden and in the same time reflect your personality. Regardless of your style or preferences, there are tons of m ... 
Best way of decorating garden fences and walls
Many areas require fences or walls to delimitate them from other areas. The necessity of having a divider can be transformed into a pleasant way of making your property more appealing. You can do that by choosing expensive and modern fences or you ... 
Categories of backyard and garden fences
Backyard fences are generally used for marking the limit within a territory, keep children or pets inside and even serve as decorative objects. They come in a wide range of styles, so you don't have to worry that you don't have where to choose fr ... 

Categories of wire fences and welded wire fences
If you own a land area, you would probably consider installing a fence. Nowadays, you can do this with a relative small sum of money, depending on the purpose of the fence. If you execute a wire fence with attention and patience, chances are that ... 
Decorative steel tube and black aluminum fences
Steel tube fences Steel tube fences are used very widely: whether you're installing a fence to keep your cattles inside or a simple metal fence for creating a curb appeal. The tubes of these fences have a variety of diameters and they can be i .Info about ornamental fences
Ornamental fences can make you feel more secure, adding an attractive quality to your house, as well as providing some beautiful decorative touches. They come in a wide range of materials: wood, vinyl, metal and they limit your property line, at ...

Residential fences
Residential fences are used to mark the limit of a house/property, but also for decoration. There are many types, so you can choose whatever style, colour or size you want! Here are a few types of residential fences, grouped by the material they' ... 
Five styles of picket fences
Picket fences are very popular and they come in different styles, so every owner can find the fence which best suits his/her preferences. Traditional These type of fences have the following distinctive feature: the boards are from 1-foot b ... 
Tips about picket fences
Picket fences are the perfect choice when you want to limit your property to contain toys, different objects or flowers. These fences look very good, giving your house a polished look, but they are situated low above the ground and for this reaso ... 





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